Chelsea terus mengejar rekod kemenangan berturut-turut

December 27, 2016 0

Setelah berjaya menang menentang Bournemouth Ahad lalu, Chelsea hanya perlu menang dua kali lagi untuk menyamai rekod kemenangan berturut-turut yang disandang oleh Arsenal pada tahun 2002-2003 lalu. Setakat ini Chelsea telah menang sebanyak 12 kali […]

Dakwaan Misuari Pandangan Peribadi?

November 8, 2016 0

Jurucakap Jabatan Hal Ehwal Luar negara Filipina, Charles Jose pada Isnin lalu istihar dakwaan Pemimpin Barisan Pembebasan Kebangsaan Moro (MNLF), Nur Misuari yang mengaitkan Malaysia dengan kes penculikan merupakan pandangannya sendiri, dan bukan dari Kerajaan Filipina. “Nur Misuari tidak […]

OSF Denies Grants Were To Overthrow Malaysian Govt?

November 3, 2016 0

The Open Society Foundations have refuted claims that it funded attempts to overthrow the Malaysian Government, describing such allegations as “entirely false”. OSF, owned by Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, said the funding was instead meant […]

Almost 300,000 Stateless Children In Malaysia?

October 31, 2016 0

There are 290,437 stateless children in Malaysia who are below the age of 18, according to Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Zahid, who is also deputy prime minister, was responding to N Surendran (PKR-Padang Serai), […]

Malaysia To Ban Foreign Donors, Political Funding?

September 30, 2016 0

The bi-partisan panel on political funding wants all forms of foreign donations banned under a proposed law to regulate political financing. The proposal was part of the 32 recommendations in a report prepared and released […]

Malaysia To Monitor Its Armed Forces For Possible IS Links?

September 27, 2016 0

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the threat of militant extremist groups such as the IS, is a global issue that needs the co-operation of all nations. The Malaysian Defence Ministry has admitted that about 1 per cent of the members of the armed forces are being monitored by the Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division for having possible links to militant groups. Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that while the number may seem small, it was something that was being taken seriously by his ministry and the armed forces leadership. “We are going all out. The Military […]

We Have Only ‘Illegals’, Not Refugees?

September 20, 2016 0

The problem of refugees in Malaysia is an egg-and-chicken problem which has festered for decades, and telling the United Nations about the problem we have is not going to solve it. First of all, Malaysia […]

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