Penampang menang Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Negeri Sabah 2016

Penampang, sekali lagi mengangkat gelaran Ratu Huminodun bagi tahun 2016, setelah peserta Sherry Anne Laujang berjaya mengetepikan dengan sengit 13329367_882710145208489_5222256057417977366_onya saingan terdekat dari Kudat, Claryssa Henry Ogondong yang terdahulunya memenangi Miss FB UN KDCA 2016.





Senarai penuh top 7:

Winner- Sherry Anne Laujang – Penampang

1st Runner Up- Claryssa Henry Ogondong – Kudat

2nd Runner Up- Fenny Ester Joslin – Banggi

3rd Runner Up- Vinny Alvionnita Sasisting – Matunggong

4th Runner Up- Christine Joan Charles – Papar

5th Runner Up- Patricia Elsa Jimmy – Lembah Klang

6th Runner Up- Charmine Bartholomew – Kepayan

Selain itu terdahulunya pada malam 29hb Mei 2016 telah dilangsungkan Gala Night Sodop UN 2016 yang mana empat peserta telah memenangi gelaran iaitu

  1. Tati Topiodo – Vinny
  2. Tati Tosuau – Dorizah, Tongod
  3. Best Dress –  Treacy, Inanam
  4. Miss Conservative – Christine, Papar

All Photo Credits by Tay TC Kenneth

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2 Comments on Penampang menang Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Negeri Sabah 2016

  1. Kudat supporters over emotional.
    Before the contestant can answer the question, they were already screaming. I bet they did not even understand what the answer came from the mouth of Kudat, all I can hear is screaming in the videos.

    I bet they don’t even know what the questions were all about

    After hearing the two videos comparing Penampang and Kudat, I am sure the points they got were about the same in the Q n A

    As for the Bahasa ibunda ruling, what is the organisers definition of FASIH?

    Can speak in the language? Penampang prove she spoke only for the first question

    Does it mean Fasih, can speak like a professor of the language?

    If Penampang cannot utter a single word but answer both question in Bahasa, then I would agree she should not even be in the finals..

    • Well if you are Fasih in your native tongue you will get the full marks of 10% in the ‘fasih bertutur dalam bahasa ibunda’ part.. still a small amount of marks to enable her to get to the top, but is very vital when the final overall marks are very close between the the top two or three..

      And in that matter, Kudat didnt do a great job on the interaction towards the crowd as how Shirley Anthony did last year. And to mention her, she spoke perfectly in dusun for both the QnA but still fell short to Ryanie, which shows that the QnA session never monopolized the total results

      Thank you for your comment Oswald!

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